Hi everyone welcome back to my Website IMBOOKISH i'm Sanjay and i'm back with BEST NEW BOOKS TO READ AND  BEST MOVIES AND SHOWS TO WATCH IN MARCH 2022  IMBOOKISH.IN MONTHLY LIST and if you feel like the wipe of this Blog is different then you're absolutely right because this is not one of my informative book recommendation blog it's my monthly top books list  and movies and shows where I'll be sharing the books that i read this month the shows and movies I enjoyed watch enjoyed watching this month because I watch a lot of them so i can't include all of them anyways and the music the podcast that turned my favorite this month so if you're interested then keep on watching this video so first let's talk about books because of course the first one that i started my month with was this fat dash book India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha


 did i enjoy my time reading it (India after gandhi by ramachandra guha summary India after gandhi by ramachandra guha in hindi)Oh  yes have i finished this thick book in a month oh yeah kudos to me but more importantly did i learn something new oh yes am i more aware about india hell yes would i recommend this book to each and everyone please yes please read this book this might look overwhelming it looked to me as well but trust me if i can do it you can do it too and once you start reading this book you'll enjoy it because you'll learn so much i am much more aware about India and especially in this time in age where you're questioning secularism and democracy in India and political there is there is so much political drama in India you need to read this book to be more aware about India why diversity in India is so important why secularism is important because it is the basis of our country it is the basis of this nation built up okay this one i read over a span of the whole month okay i was reading it for the whole four weeks i've just finished it two or three days back so with it i was actually reading few books which were light-hearted because this is a lot to take i uh the second one that i was reading was silent fires 
silent fires book pdf

this is by an Indian author it's a
best new books to read 2022
is it underrated yes it is i mean what i liked is the the story it's definitely engaging it's fast paced the moral of the story how it ends is strong it is powerful and the way it starts it's totally different so it's based on the life of two people and together they solve this murder or you know disappearance mystery of one of the bollywood stars not bollywood but movie stars yeah because it's based in south so movie stars wife's disappearance so yeah next uh the third one that i read was the Maruti Story by R.C bhargava


maruti story pdf
the maruti story pdf free download
maruti car story
this is again a non-fiction about how maruti the brand that we know automobile brand
best new books to read fiction that we know so successful in india was built you know it was supposed to be an underdog no one expected anything from it indian automobile industry was had so many constraints be it the government interference political interference corruption labor laws a lot of a lot of other things and no you know no respect from no respect and trust from you know international automobile manufacturers but still they outperformed and shined with maruti 800 not just 800 but they are you know thriving still and so yeah that that is the third book that i read would i recommend it yes if you're interested in you know entrepreneurship business books because it has a lot of data also it's not one of those books which you would just you can just read read now as you can see i was reading few heavy books that month so to compensate i picked up two robots novels uh the first one was the wall of the winnipeg and me the second one was marriage for one both of which i enjoyed my time dealing i mean now okay both of these books i picked up on steph porra's recommendation i'm sure you would know her if you're looking for some romance recommendation she is the person to go to um the thing with me now i've realized is i don't really like steamy romance after reading these two because these are slow like slow burned romance novels and i enjoyed my time reading it as and same goes with beach read um what is the you know i've realized i enjoy reading slow burn romance rather than steamy romance that is the case with ugly love of verity i did not enjoy both of those two and now i realize after reading some romance now that this is my type this is what i enjoy and i enjoy reading fake tropes like fake romance fake relationships and grumpy man kind of romance because both of these have the same with those two those two tropes so if you like fake relationships then read this one because winnipeg has winnipeg as well as marriage for one both have fake relationship trope and yeah if you want to know more please check out her review or please just google these two books learn you know read out their synopsis otherwise because if i go on reviewing these books or you know sharing the synopsis it will take a lot of time i'm just sharing the ones that i write this now let's talk about few movies and series so the first one is Umrika yes with you it's not an commercial movie rather a critically acclaimed or an art movie so i'm well aware you wouldn't have heard about this one i actually came across this title on netflix and was intrigued with the synopsis so it's the story of these two brothers the elder brother goes on to pursue his american dream while once he leaves his family loses a
touch and they don't know whether he has landed or not whether he is working there or not what has happened to him um and this is because and this is based in the late 80s and 90s so you don't have internet so the younger brother goes on to uh you know goes to search for his elder brother but but because they lack finances he can't just travel to america and search for his brother he has his own journey and that is dark and that that is raw and real so yeah this is a movie which is impactful and i will recommend you guys to watch this the watch it the second one is a netflix exclusive it's a series called " Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein " so um i'm quite sure that you would have already watched this one or if not came across this title on netflix it was trending on number one back then i did not watch it but when it came down to 8th or 9th i was just bored one day watched the first episode and then rest his history because this is such an engaging story it is interesting and it is dark but it has humor it has drama and yeah i enjoyed my time watching it and it is one of those series which will keep you hooked till the last episode and even i'm waiting for season two as well so it is one of those series the third series that i started watching in March  is Anne  with an "e" i thought this is one of those teen drama i wouldn't enjoy it but no i was wrong this is something that i enjoyed watching and i still am it is not one of those thriller dark series like which you would just binge watch in one day but it is one of those feel good series which you can you know watch one episode a day two episode a day so i'm enjoying it i'm still watching it and there are three seasons already next is Inventing Anna one of netflix's latest and exclusive release which is trending at the moment but i have mixed feelings for it i don't know i just lost interest in it after fourth episode though the first three episodes i binge watched in one day but i still haven't finished it i was well aware of the scandal prior to the netflix release as well because it was all over the internet you know this candle uh so i knew a few few things here and there i liked the concept you know it was slow i wanted it more fast-paced but yeah comment down below what are your thoughts last month i also watched Gehraiyaan because of course I belonged to that group which loved it yeah i did i mean this movie is receiving polar opinions but i completely loved this movie from the trailer i assumed it to be one of those love triangle movies but no I was mistaken that is just 20 minutes or 30 minutes of the movie it turns into a dark suspense thriller and the way it ends it leaves you with questions but it solves the mystery as well and it it just blows your mind it is complex okay simply it is just a complex movie it is just like relationships it just it it is just i liked it like i loved it this is a tv show like a proper reality tv show on this list if you have guessed it by now then great if not then it is Shark
Tank India I mean what a great show it is uh it is i still re-watch few of its episodes and watch those clips on youtube memes here and there it's such a great show i've been one of those people who watch it early on because i saw this review from trident refuse productions that is unmold and i do you know follow his reviews and on movies and series and he praised this series that and he posted his review at that time when every but in in the initial days when people were flagging this uh show that it is not it is not like American Shark Tank India so i watched it i gave it a go and i enjoyed it and after a few days you know things changed completely for shark tank India and best is history like you know how now how popular this show is now i have few Spotify recommendations essentially a few song artists or podcasts that i chanced upon last month though i've already made a dedicated video and i've talked about podcasts in my previous videos as well but i just wanted to you know share the artist and the podcast that i just discovered last month the first one is  Anumitar Nadesen and i'm loving her songs i mean i discovered her through katputly kidhager and i'm loving all like a discography kwab all her songs like her voice first of all is peaceful then the music is just so indie and it is so peaceful and it you feel so good you feel happy just by listening to a song so do check out her songs then there's Bismay Patel the song that i'm liking is palpable again it is one of those feel good songs which you can you know listen while you're walking during your you know evening walks or morning work so yeah these were two artists otherwise you can check out the indie playlist so i have two podcasts the first one is let's do shorts it's a marketing podcast so where in the podcast actually shares these strategies of big companies of mncs likecoca-cola or how instagram was built the basic strategy behind it and unknown stories uh i definitely learned so much from this podcast and the strategies so if you no even if you're not a budding entrepreneur you would enjoy listening to this podcast and it's one clip is just five minutes so yeah let's do shots the second one is figuring out by Raj sramani this one i discovered quite early on i think last year itself but i started listening to it just last month because of the guests uh i just came across this one video on youtube and it was of sugar cosmetics founders and i listened to that podcast and then i listened to all the other episodes which uh Raj sramani has posted on spotify so yeah this is one podcast that you can listen to and yeah that's it with this video let me know what else you want me to share in these monthly wrap-ups apart from books movies and tv shows or these podcasts um because it's kind of a monthly reflection so i can share whatever you guys want uh to know let me know in the comments give me some ideas and suggestions for this monthly series and yeah i'll see you
later with another Blog until then bye


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